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The starting point for the Auto Union was built in 1932 thanks to the cooperation of Hoch and Audiwerke, DKW and Wanderer. In 1960 Auto Union was acquired by Volkswagen from Mercedes. The brand was launched in 1965, presenting the first Audi F103 series. Auto Union enters cooperation with NSU Motorenwerke in 1969, which gave the start of the company as we know it today. The four rings on the emblem are set to show the four car companies, thanks to which the Auto Union was created. After troubles with previous companies, August Horch gathered Paul Fikentscher and Franz Fikentscher for a meeting, on which the son of Franz suggested that the company should be called Audi, as the translation in Latin was what they wanted the company to represent. The first Audi followed in 1910, the Audi Type A, which was substituted by Type B, also in 1910. A six-cylinder engine appeared in a model for the first time in 1924. However, the first production car was launched in 1921, the Audi Type K. In 1928 Jorgen Rasmussen took over of most of the Audiwerke AG and Rickenbacker. In 1929 were launched Audi Dresden and Audi Zwickau. Three years later was formed Auto Union AG, Chemnitz. In 1939 the Audi name was stopped in the car market for over twenty years. During the war, the factories were taken away by the Russians, and Auto Union AG removed. The company initiated a process of moving the factory to Bavaria. The facility in Zwickau launched the pre-war models, renamed to IFA F8 and F9, in 1949. The Trabant was also manufactured there up until 1991 when Volkswagen acquired it. In the factory were produced vehicles with front-wheel drive and two-stroke engines.

The Auto Union was taken over by Mercedes in 1959 and one year later sold because of lack of profitability. In 1964 Volkswagen took control over the company, the production was launched, and by 1966 were produced about sixty thousand Beetles each year. The demand was higher for four strokes engines, that is why DKW F102 was launched, this time marked as Audi. The designation to the models began to be according to their horsepowers. Audi 100 was developed secretly, because of restrictions imposed on the company by Volkswagen, but it became a huge success and was launched in mass production. In 1972 was launched Audi 80 with water cooled engine and front-wheel drive. The Audi was introduced in the US market in 1970. The Audi 80 and 100 became the bestsellers of the company, and a second generation of the Audi 100 was launched in 1976. A high-performance model, Audi Quattro was launched in 1980. In 1985 the name of the company changed to Audi AG. In 1986 was introduced Type 89, which was also a big success for the company. One year later was added the Audi 90, with even more possibilities. In 1990 was release Audi V8, an improved version, to compete against BMW and Mercedes. A few problems occurred with the Audi 5000, which was blamed for sudden acceleration and the company was sued. The sales for these models dropped about five times for a period of six years. The Audi A2 was also stopped of production, because of low sales. China became an important market for the company. Audi became the most significant contributor to profit in the company, while many other marques resulted in losses. The company produces vehicles in seven countries. Audi A4, Audi A6, Q5, A3, and Q3 were the most sold models from the brand in 2012. 



Spare parts Audi models:

  • Spare parts Audi F103
  • Spare parts Audi 50
  • Spare parts Audi 60
  • Spare parts Audi 75
  • Spare parts Audi 80
  • Spare parts Audi 80 B1
  • Spare parts Audi 80 B2
  • Spare parts Audi 80 B3
  • Spare parts Audi 80 B4
  • Spare parts Audi 90
  • Spare parts Audi 90 B2
  • Spare parts Audi 90 B3
  • Spare parts Audi 90 Type 81
  • Spare parts Audi 90 Type 85
  • Spare parts Audi 90 Type 89
  • Spare parts Audi 100
  • Spare parts Audi 100 C1
  • Spare parts Audi 100 C1 F104
  • Spare parts Audi 100 C2
  • Spare parts Audi 100 C3
  • Spare parts Audi 100 C4
  • Spare parts Audi 200
  • Spare parts Audi 200 Type 43
  • Spare parts Audi 200 Type 44
  • Spare parts Audi 200 C2
  • Spare parts Audi 200 C3
  • Spare parts Audi Quattro
  • Spare parts Audi Coupe
  • Spare parts Audi Cabriolet
  • Spare parts Audi V8
  • Spare parts Audi Glas GT

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